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What are the carrier requirements for pets?

Service animals do not need to be transported in a carrier/crate when travelling with the passenger in cabin.   

Pets in cabin must be transported in a soft-sided carrier. The maximum size of the carrier should have dimensions of 18" L x 11" W x 11" H (45cm L x 27cm W x 27cm H), and should be ventilated on at least three sides (preferably four sides), with the majority of the ventilation on the upper part of the carrier.   

Dogs in the hold must be transported in a hard-sided, IATA-compliant crate/kennel. The maximum size of the crate/kennel should have dimensions of 35” L x 24” W x 25” H (91cm L  x 61cm W x 66cm H).  

 Your pet should comfortably stand, sit, and lie down in the carrier.