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Am I allowed to travel with a Personal Oxygen Concentrator (POC) or other breathing apparatus?

BermudAir guests with a medical condition requiring the use of supplementary oxygen may carry their own oxygen supply for use on board.    

Liquid oxygen is not permitted for carriage or use in the cabin. Oxygen concentrator devices and gaseous oxygen may be permitted in accordance with applicable Dangerous Goods regulations and procedures for the carriage of oxygen / compressed gasses. Our ground staff will ensure that any oxygen device brought on board by a guest meets such regulations and procedures.   

Guests requiring the use of oxygen on board and are carrying a portable oxygen concentrator device or portable oxygen bottle, require medical certification confirming that the use of supplementary oxygen is required during flight. All oxygen devices or bottles must be stowed securely under the seat in front of the passenger. Oxygen must be stowed under the seat in such a way that it will not be an obstruction.   

Our guests are responsible for ensuring that an adequate supply of oxygen is carried for the expected duration of the flight plus any additional quantity required in the event of unforeseen delays. This also applies to the carriage of any batteries required to operate oxygen concentrator devices.